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Why do food vacuum bags bulge?

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Vacuum packaging bags use vacuum deoxygenation to prolong the shelf life of food and maintain its original flavor for a long time. But why do sometimes food vacuum packaging bags appear flatulence? How should packaging manufacturers prevent it from happening?

I. Reasons for Vacuum Packaging Bag Materials

Nylon and polyester are commonly used materials in vacuum packaging bags. The difference is that Nylon is better than polyester in barrier and puncture resistance. If the food packaged is angular, or has bones, thorns and other sharp food, Nylon material should be used. If meat or greasy food, vacuum packaging with grain can be chosen. The bag is made of seven layers of co-extrusion material and printed with grain on one side. It can vacuum the food without dead angle and has better effect.


II. Sterilization in Food Production

If the material of the vacuum bag is not a problem, consider whether it is caused by the incomplete sterilization in the food production process and the rapid proliferation of bacteria in the bag. This situation usually occurs in the use of vacuum packaging of meat products. The inspection method is simple. The bag is used to pack a proper amount of rice (rice is generally not). There will be gas-producing bacteria) after vacuuming for half a month, if there is no bagging phenomenon, it means that the use of vacuum bags in the process of inadequate sterilization, at this time should adjust the sterilization process.

Vacuum bag, also known as vacuum packaging, is to extract all the air from the packaging container and keep the bag in a highly decompressed state. The scarcity of air is equivalent to hypoxic effect, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the goal of fresh fruit and disease-free rot. At present, the application of vacuum packaging in plastic bags, aluminum foil packaging, glassware packaging and so on. The main types of vacuum bags are suction type, coiling type and sitting type. The suction type exhausts through external suction devices such as suction pumps or vacuum cleaners. So, the question is, why can vacuum bags stop food from getting moldy?

Vacuum bags can be used to vacuum the air in the bags, which can isolate the food from the bacteria and water in the air. If the survival medium needed by the bacteria is not available, the mold can be prevented naturally. Food mildew and deterioration are caused by exposure to air, which oxidizes with oxygen in the air! Vacuum packaging eliminates the contact between air and food, so that food can be preserved for a longer time.

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