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Milk tea film

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Plastic Film Bag

The raw material of plastic film bag is polyethylene. Plastic bags do bring convenience to our life, but the convenience of this moment brings long-term harm.

According to the raw material classification: high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, polyvinyl chloride plastic bags and so on.

Classified by shape: vest bag, straight cylinder bag, three-dimensional bag, square bottom bag. Sealing pockets, tape bags, special-shaped bags, etc.

Compound Packaging Bag

In order to improve the air permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance and drug resistance of packaging materials, various materials with different characteristics are compounded to give full play to their insect-proof, dust-proof, microbial-proof, light-proof, fragrance-proof, odor-proof and other odors, as well as their heat-proof, cold-proof and shock-proof mechanical strength and processing applicability. It also has good printing and decoration effect.



According to the form of packaging: three-sided sealing, Yinyang bag, middle sealing, pillow bag, five-sided sealing, eight-sided sealing, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, straw bag, coil, cover material, etc.

Classified by function: high septum bag, cooking film bag, antistatic film bag, antimicrobial film bag, antifogging film bag, vacuum bag, antichemical film bag, deoxidizing film bag, modified atmosphere packaging film bag, etc.

According to material classification: laser aluminium coating paper material, laser transfer paper material, paper composite material, aluminum composite material, plastic composite material, fabric composite material, etc.

Packaging Bags

Composite soft packaging materials can be used only when they are eventually made into various packaging bags. There are two ways to make bags. One is to use wrapping bags. The manufacturer fills the bags on the automatic packaging machine with rolled film, and the other is to use the wrapping machine to make all kinds of bags and then fill the contents. Because the professional bag-making control is accurate, the bag shape is beautiful, the bag-making changes greatly, and there are many bags, therefore, in quite a number of cases, bags are made first. The main varieties of bags are: three-sided bag (closed palm bag), back bag, folding bag (organ bag), upright bag and so on.

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